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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


4A Appropriate amount
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Practice steps of garlic paste

1. The Scallop in Shell wash, in scallops draw knife, easy tasty, wash like me put on a baking tray.

2. The garlic shoot, shredding, put in a bowl add the blisters, bubble for a while on the line, not so hot, remove and put in a separate bowl, then in garlic water bowl, add salt, soy sauce, salt and pepper, cumin, spare, pot, the pot into the oil, until the oil heat, add garlic, fry a fragrance, not yellow, as long as there is fragrant, add garlic water, boil on the line, because less water, be careful not to fried dry.

3. In the scallop with a spoon.

4. Temperature is205Degree,20Due to the middle of the middle, because we are different from the oven, such as the temperature can be selected by the electronic barbecue.

5. 20After, fragrant garlic Scallop in Shell baked.

6. Is my daughter and her father were finished, have mercy on me to do, since only to grab a, they eat happy, I am also happy. Would you like to try to start,