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Chef, what would you like today?
No one shows any interest in pumpkin, alone in a corner Is it right? Feel wronged? For a time, change the plan, no one to talk to you, let me talk to you. Otherwise, you'll have to go to the dump....
Milk pumpkin soup, an idea suddenly jumped on my mind. May also be able to cut the pumpkin into the milk, cooked it? However, it seems in the microwave will save more. A hook Euryale ferox juice, will make the milk into a thick point, however, save it, bother...
In fact, it is also good. With honey, make it sweeter...


  • Pumpkin200G

  • Milk200G


  • Honey

    Appropriate amount

Milk pumpkin soup


Ingredients: Pumpkin200Grams of milk200Grams, honey right amount


Wash the skin and put it in the microwave oven. Cool slightly, scoop out the pumpkin meat into a bowl, mash


Put the pumpkin mud and milk into the pot, boil and continue to cook.2,3Minutes, out of the pot, into the bowl, add honey to taste

Cooking skills

The soup can also be not boiled, directly to the pumpkin and milk mixed with the mixture of milk to eat.
The proportion of pumpkin and milk can be changed according to their own preferences.