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I picked the mango is a mango in Hainan, smell very sweet, eat up very sweet, but after the pudding mango sweet hidden to some, but since no other additives are added, give the child to eat assured. Himself to do the discovery, in fact, the very sweet smell of mango pudding is very likely to be not mango flavor, but the flavor of the flavor. Of course, to eat the sweet taste of mango,...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


330g 20g
130g 50g

The steps of the milk Mango Pudding

1. 330gMango cut into small pieces, with a mixer to beat the mud

2. 20gDiced mango spare

3. Sugar, milk into the pot, small fire edge stirring edge heating. When adding milk slightly bubble fish powder, stirring to dissolve

4. Let cool, pour in milk, stir well

5. Mold wash, hot, dry with kitchen paper towel. The first small mango mud into the mold, add chopped mango puree, then filled with.

6. Will be well placed in the refrigerator freezer.

7. After a few hours can be taken out, the anti buckle and then you can eat it, the fruit can be seen in the fruit! I use a silicone mold, the child is not good to take, so take out on the plate to eat more convenient, but also more beautiful. If you use a hard mold can not be deducted.