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Mug cake just as its name implies, will all the materials into mugs are mixed evenly, and then use microwave ovens "bite" -- a good super easy and fast cake. So lazy inventions came from fast food hometown USA, from into the kitchen to prepare to finish don't need more than5Minutes, and done without the need to clear excess container, a mug, a fork can krungkao...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so


15~22G(1~1.5A soup spoon) 1A
22~30G(1.5~2A soup spoon) 1Teaspoon(About5G)
15~22G(1~1.5A soup spoon) 1/4Teaspoon
15~22Milliliter(1~1.5A soup spoon) 3Slice

The practice steps of Oreo microwave oven Mug cake

1. Will2Block Oreo breaking into pieces. Another piece of twist in half, a piece of breaking, a complete retention of decorative.

2. Put the butter into the microwave heating in the mug15~20Seconds to completely dissolve into liquid like, remove. As with Rapeseed Oil directly into the mug in the oil.

3. Beat the eggs in a little.

4. Pour the flour, baking powder, sugar, cocoa powder in mugs.

5. Stir well.

6. Pour in cream and stir well.

7. Add two pieces of Oreo biscuits, stir evenly.

8. Into microwave oven(650WAbout)Heating1Minute30Seconds. As each microwave oven is not the same, take out to see if the cake is still relatively liquid to the liquid form and then put back heating30Seconds. Take out and put the rest of the debris on the side until it is not hot, and put on a Oreo cookie to start to enjoy.


- Mug cake in warm when eating is the best taste, if the cold can be put at the back of a microwave oven30Seconds to eat.
- Make sure mug is can be placed in the microwave heating, otherwise in the heating cup will be split is not safe. Usually the bottom of the cup will have a mark, if not sure can be empty Mug into the microwave oven to turn1Minutes, out of touch the glass temperature, if the glass is warm or cool is representative can use, but if this very hot cannot be used.
- Some do not use metal mugs, including edge, handle and printing metal cups are not used. Metal in the microwave oven heating will produce a spark is not safe.
- Try to use a slightly larger mug, material into the cup2/3Can. The use of the cup is smaller, it is appropriate to reduce the amount of material. If the egg is large, can be removed after the use of egg white.