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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
午餐 一家三口
Once did not cook, so he chose to eat potatoes. Potato chips, potato chips, potato chips, fried to eat, cook the food, eat, and eat, this time lasted4A month ago, imprint is engraved on my heart. ~
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


2A 5A

Meow ujikiyo practice steps fried potatoes silk

1. Potato peel, pepper washed, peeled garlic.

2. Along the direction of the growth of pepper cut, the inside of the pepper seed removal, flattening, cutting; garlic shred.

3. Shred the potatoes, and placed in cold water immersion, sprinkle a little salt, so that both can keep potato silk, bright color, and can reduce the stick pan.

4. The pot boil dry, add appropriate amount of edible oil, when the oil is hot when add chopped pepper, stir fry, after cooked dish.

5. Will drain the potatoes. Wash the pot, boil dry, add oil, until the oil temperature80Degrees, to the fire, put the potatoes, stir fry. Potatoes8Stir fry a good hot pepper, add the right amount of salt, mix well, the pot, with a plate.


Spicy taste, hunan.