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饮品 豆浆机食谱
Good drink milk

Sometimes the bucket body and the opportunity is more difficult to wash

For me

Soya bean milk machine after cooking

I will pour the milk into the large cup

And then wash it with heat

After this sub - washing is very clean

Rinse well placed in ventilated place

We drink soy milk

Head and barrel body is also good.

Such a child care for our kitchen...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute




Half a cup

The mellow peanut Soybean Milk practice steps

1. A cup of peanuts.

2. Then prepare a small cup of soybean.

3. Will be a good time to make this a good night to spare.

4. Then rinse and control the water.

5. Into the soya bean milk machine, add the specified amount of water.

6. Select the function keys, soya bean milk machine automatically complete the grinding of boiling pulp process.

7. Finally, according to the individual's preference to decide whether or not to add sugar.


Because it is a free filter of soybean milk machine dozen soya bean milk, so its slag is very fine smooth. This is free filter of reason.