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中式糕点 烤箱食谱 下午茶
Purple potato filling in the sugar according to their own preferences to add Also according to the number of purple sweet potato Specifically not to do After all tastes different.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


300g 40g
110g 120g
240g 120g
10g Appropriate amount

Green tea (purple sweet potato crisp stuffing lard) method Step by step approach

1. All the materials are mixed and oily Knead the dough Do not touch can be three Wrap up the film and put aside

2. The pastry all ingredients It may not be particularly tough. And not easy to knead into dough But don't care too much. Put on one side of the awake

3. Make the filling Can be cut into the purple sweet potato into the water boiled Cook well and press into mud. Sugar Can also be placed in the oven bite A dry wet bale There's no big difference.

4. The skin cut16Equal division Put aside Put the pastry into32Equal division Ready

5. The small youpi rolling pin roll round Wrapped in pastry

6. Closing Mouth down With a rolling pin roll into a cow tongue Careful not to try to break the skin roll

7. After the ox tongue rolling into downward from the base figure After the volume is set aside All the skin crisp mixed repeat step five or six

8. Roll it sideways on end The growth of tongue rolling Put away

9. From the middle of the knife cut down (equal) One divides into two.

10. Dumpling shaped dough And then pack the stuffing.

11. Wrapped in the oven to la la la Seems to smell the taste of happiness

12. This is a good little baby. Super cute MELODY ~ what

13. Wash the lard into the pot. Don't put anything Stir fry until now.

14. This is not enough Always fry Come on Ah little friends Well, put it on the plate and put it in the fridge.

15. Use of purple sweet potato can have oatmeal paste Put in an oven for a moment. Can be put into a pot of purple sweet potato ball yo