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曲奇 烤箱食谱 下午茶
The love of a cookie recipe for everyone to share.


100g 50g
28g 0.5g
20g 115g

The practice steps of Matcha Sakura cookies

1. Room temperature softened butter, can be removed from the refrigerator a night in advance.
At room temperature
Low powder and green tea powder two sieve.

2. Add half sugar butter, whisk together with electric, beat10Second, and then adjust the speed designated circle beat20Seconds.

3. Add the remaining sugar, beat at medium speed30Seconds.
White fluffy fluffy.

4. From four to six times to add light cream, beat1Minutes.

5. Add almond powder and salt, stir at low speed.10Seconds.

6. The flour sifted good green tea powder, no powder whisk head after stir, beat5Seconds.

7. Preheat the oven at this time170C.

8. A cherry mouth cloth (silica gel) piping bag.
Decorating mouth to pan vertical extrusion.
Turn in the oven150C,15-18Minute.

9. Matcha latte with Sakura cookies.


1.A light cream all need room temperature.2.Low powder and green tea powder need two sieve.3.The piping bag must use a cloth or silica gel.4.Green tea powder according to their own tastes can be increased or decreased slightly.