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hot cook recipe
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You can also make a delicious soft ice cream Oh no ice cream machine


400g 3A
70g 50g
300g 2Spoon

Mango ice cream practice steps

1. Put the mango pulp in the cooking machine to play a mango mud

2. Take three egg yolk to join the cotton sugar

3. Send a good egg with milk, condensed milk, stirring, heating, heating and agitation

4. Stir the egg mixture into a thick, off the fire, and put it into cold water to cool down.

5. Send light cream, sent to the light cream lines clear, lines will not disappear soon.

6. Add 1/3 of the light cream to cool the egg mixture, stir well.

7. The stirring uniform custard paste into a light cream, stir evenly, add the mango puree evenly stirred in, so the mango ice cream is done, put it into the ice box or storage box into the refrigerator freezer3To4You can eat it in an hour.