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意大利面 面条 午餐
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute


Appropriate amount 1A
Half Half
1Slice Few
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

The practice steps of macaroni

1. An appropriate amount of boiled after the pasta into small boiled, with a spoon gently press with elastic, soft, pan, drain and set aside. (don't cook macaroni cooked too long, personal feeling is too soft not what taste.)

2. The hot pot a little oil sprinkle some onions and tomatoes (like tomatoes cooked a little person Sour tomato juice is delicious)

3. The water from the macaroni and tomatoes into the pot Fried onions, then add cheese, cheese etc. all melt and then add chopped cucumber (it is put behind the cucumber personal likes eating crunchy, so don't put too early, not cooked delicious cooked peanuts) The amount of salt can be fried dish Kazakhstan^_^ (all by oneself like With a heart good, not what must be what, I also was not professional, so...)