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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


Practice steps lettuce meat

1. Wash lean meat slices, lettuce, peeled and sliced, meat with sauce, bean paste, mix well, lettuce with salt mix well, with salt first lettuce mix is to lettuce to eat up crisp, ginger, garlic slice standby, lettuce and marinate for a few minutes after cleaning, spare

2. Wok pour oil, until the oil to burn old, first put the bean paste saute, add ginger, garlic, pepper saute, pour meat stir fry, to be cooked into the lettuce, stir evenly, but little soy sauce stir fry until a minute or two like to add chicken, a small amount of salt, pot, rest assured that although speculation for so long, but lettuce with salt before is still crisp, ha ha