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Actually, dough formulation is Melaleuca crisp commonly used formula, the because I was doing another kind of bread, the two formulations of butter all roll well placed in the refrigerator. The results do when wrapped in took the wrong butter, take the70Grams, but cooked, crisp delicious oh.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


220g 30g
5g 1.5-2G
125g 40g

The practice step of less oil version of the thousand layer cakes (biscuits)

1. The step is not written, is the practice of a thousand layers of pastry dough, but only in the use of butter.70G. Then the finished dough thin, sprinkle some sugar on the surface (this may not happen, personal taste). Cut1cmThe right and the left (well, the length is free), every3A stacked twist (Hemp flowers cut noodles let loose10minAround better twist, will not shrink back. Into the oven200Degree open10-15min(see individual oven power size). Bake until golden brown.ok.