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I believe that everyone likes to eat Salmon Sashimi? I also like.But bought too much.A little bit of food.Eat too much and feel tired.So you can change the method of eating.Not only a simple way to taste good oh
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


150g Half a
Half a Half a

The practice steps of lemon salmon

1. The salmon with black pepper and salt..

2. Onion.Diced cucumber.Fried up disc with salt.Lemon slice set.

3. To be well preserved after salmon fry to eight cooked or cooked.(with personal preferences) over the strength must be light.Don't break the fish..To be ready to put the plate.When you eat the lemon juice.(you can also add some milk according to personal preference, what.The flavor will be different.


Salmon is very fragile.So we must pay attention to when grilled salmon.Accessories can also be changed to other vegetables with personal preference.Such as green pepper.