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午餐 单身食谱 一家三口
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


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The practice steps of peanut stuffing Boiled dumplings of leek

1. Fried golden brown on both sides of the north.

2. Cooked peanuts to half bowl.

3. Tremella bubble open, spit into.

4. Bean curd.

5. Add a little salt and stir into the stuffing!

6. Cut the top of the chopped. Put sesame oil will be locked to the water.

7. Add in peanut.

8. PlusnAll the spices, chopped onions on top.

9. Plant oil to boil some water on the onion, mix well, look tempting!

10. To live well in advance on Xing flour.

11. The dough for the son, roll into a dumpling skin alone.

12. Wrap the dumplings alone.

13. Cook the next pot.


Tofu, slightly fried chopped eat up sensual, peanut not too broken, too broken there is no taste, I'm in the tremella, because Tremella texture than the fungus thin and crisp feeling more obvious, and peanut combined with the taste better!