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hot cook recipe
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面条 韩国料理 午餐
The hot weather, eat a bowl of noodles, it is more comfortable. Very cold, very cold........

Hungry to cook, just want to get dinner, in a hurry to take photos, look after, the picture is very chaotic, haha~Will be.

Korea, also called cold North Korea, South Korea is one of the traditional Food. According to Li Zhao, the late period of the world food customs of the East China...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


2Block 1A
1A 1Root


1/2Root 4Slice
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
2Spoon 1.5Spoon
1Spoon Few

The practice steps of Korean cold noodles

1. Prepare materials. Cut green onions, ginger slices, shredded cucumber, pear shredded, pickled cabbage shred, cooked egg, to cut in half.

2. Wash beef, into the pot, add water, scallion, ginger, boil the fire, fire, stew1An hour.

3. Beef cooked, remove and cool, sliced beef broth, filter out impurities

4. Put in the sauce (salt Appropriate amount Apple Cider Vinegar 2Spoon Sugar 1.5Spoon Soy sauce 1Spoon), mix well, cool and dry, put in the refrigerator to cool.

5. The pot of water to boil, add noodles, cook3-5Minutes, remove

6. With cold boiled water, rinse to the surface without mucus.

7. In the bowl, put some ice on it and put it on the noodles.

8. Pour chilled beef soup, put on cucumber, pear, Robs, pickles, beef, eggs. Sprinkle fine Korean chili.


Pingguo Cu can be used instead of white vinegar, left side taste.

Can not sprinkle pepper