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Knead cauliflower fried soybean actually and a relationship without cauliflower,

Tell the old people around why call it Fried Cauliflower peas,

This is the Nanjing elders.

So-called knead cauliflower, is the radish or Cherokee is green cabbage dish stalk these clear fry less stoma stem vegetables with salt water to kill rub, the water tender and edamame, shredded pork with fried up...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


Knead the cauliflower edamames practice steps

1. Radish leaf wash chopped, then use a small amount of salt water to kill, scratch, which is called the cauliflower. Hot pot oil, oil heat, pour into soybeans, stir fry until almost six or seven cooked soybeans. Pour green peppers stir for two minutes, add the kneaded cauliflower, continue to stir fry. Add a little soy sauce, salt, mix well after the pot.


1.It is autumn, radish leaves is not large, eats tender. In fact, this dish, not only can use radish leaves, stems, tender Xiaoqing snow red stems completelyOKAs long as, crushing and kneading, stir fry out are not bad, can also help yourselfDIY,This is the true meaning of food and kitchen.

2.Maodou try to choose a little tender Oh, eat up the soft hard moderate, if the old, not tasty Oh, do you roast chiken beans.O(A_A)OHa-ha~