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Dew every day have the habit of drinking milk, sometimes black beans soybeans are sometimes, but every day to repeat the drink and feel tired of the drink. So I will always put a little more things in the milk to improve the taste. Bean is very nutritious but mixed with Soybean Milk drink will taste is not good, so every time the filter will put out Soybean Milk dregs. But in fact it is nourishing food residue. So to work the waste dregs...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


The practice steps of jujube cake dregs

1. Black beans soak for more than four hours Wash and put into the soya bean milk machine Red dates to the appearance of seven or eight milk into the milk machine Add water to the water level line Choose wet bean mode to start automatic boiling milk.

2. After cooked with red dates Soybean Milk screen filter Better a little wet dregs Adding white granulated sugar and flour stirring (if not dry wet dregs filter can not add water If the relatively dry bean dregs filtration can add a little water and stir a little hard a little bit of bean dregs batter) not too thin batter Don't flow. A little bit harder as the state of mashed potatoes.

3. Brush a thin layer of oil Small fire Into the mix the good bean mud Fry until golden brown. Turn the cake will be crushed With a small fire to two sides golden yellow to the pot

4. Eat a light red dates With the soybean can up