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Chef, what would you like today?
I believe that everyone believes that the mother is the best food to eat! As a rubber Edomite, Jiaodong is the most mother buns taste of food. After marriage I also have their own small home, in addition to cooking husband arranged outside, pasta is my own hand stupid, and more practice, is now considered to presentable! Now is the season of fresh mackerel, mackerel and silver,...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


1000g 2A
1000g About1000g

The practice steps of Acacia Jiaodong big steamed mackerel

1. Famian believe everyone will, here not long winded!

2. Remove the middle tree flowers sessile, with hot water boiled, remove and put the color on the cold water, then squeezing out the water slightly cut off. Can not finish eating the refrigerator, the next with the same delicious ~

3. Pork or pork fat and lean cuts, taste very fresh, soy sauce, MSG simmer, be sure to have fat, because tree flowers Spanish mackerel like oil.

4. To cut meat and mackerel thorn the same size for. I cut it too small this time.

5. Leek mince. Not too much for the Chinese, to mention a taste.

6. Put the ingredients together, add a little oil, salt and seasoning. The good surface alkali rub uniform, is divided into four parts, take out a piece of the package, also in basin in proofing, don't too much of the rub, inside the pores is let the steamed stuffed bun fat white key ah ~ skin do not roll too thin. A lot of dishes, the fingers of the skin is relatively pinch.

7. After a boil, steam for thirty minutes. Depending on the size of the steamed stuffed bun. A cover for five minutes. Family version of the big buns on the baked! This film is black, but in fact very white fat!

8. Look pretty good!

9. The filling is very rich oh! Juicy!


The best selection of tree flowers did not open, more tender. Of course, the flower is not can not eat. Mackerel cut and meat is about the size of my small, here.