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Chef, what would you like today?
意大利面 面条 烤箱食谱 午餐
Haven't uploaded a recipe for a long time, because before going to Italy tourism. Italy has a lot of characteristics and I like the dishes. One of the thousands of dimensions is one of them, eat a few good enough, decided to do it yourself, the recipe comes fromKitchen Stories
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


Appropriate amount 250g
400g 75g
Half a 1A
2Teaspoon 250ml
25g 20g
Appropriate amount A

The practice steps of the Italy

1. Material preparation

2. The carrot, onion, minced garlic

3. Add a little oil in the pot, put the carrot into the stir fry onion and garlic Ding

4. Add minced meat fried together

5. Season with salt and pepper

6. Cut the tomato, the smaller the better.

7. Add tomato and cook

8. Re seasoning

9. Add dried oregano

10. Can you taste, then season

11. Can start to preheat the oven. Make white sauce, melt the butter in a pot.

12. Add the flour and stir

13. Stir to paste

14. Milk250mlStir

15. Stir for five minutes, add salt, pepper, cinnamon flavored bean powder

16. The bottom tray paved in put meat

17. Put dough layer line

18. Add the white sauce.

19. Add a layer of meat, Melaleuca pastry, white sauce

20. Finally add a layer of Palmerson cheese, add weight to the individual taste, put in the oven200Degrees.30Minutes or so

21. When the heat is on the table, you can sprinkle a layer of cheese.


In fact, the weight of all the material is very random, which is written in about serving two people