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午餐 朋友聚餐
Easy to operate and good to eat, people can buy a, the skull of a good use to make soup




Just eat pickled fish's love practice steps

1. Fish block, one to eat, so bought this piece of

2. Fletcher oblique slice

3. How much can cut the number of remaining, can cut salted fried, fried peppers what drops are very nice.

4. Fish fillets with salt rub to glue, flushing four times, control dry water, salt, chicken, fish sauce, pepper, cornflour pickled moment (this is important)

5. Bubble pickled in half an hour, cutting, boiling water boiled

6. Heat a wok, blasting ginger, garlic, chili, fried pickled cabbage, add water, salt, chicken, seasoned rice vinegar, buy a this time can be head and bone pot and the

7. Pour the vegetable soup, boiled fish boiled water again,9Mature can be picked up, put on the pickled cabbage

8. Oil, small hot pepper and dry pepper (black did not shoot)

9. Fish sprinkle with chopped green onion, mashed garlic, hot pepper pepper sprinkle, sprinkle a few grains of fried peanut drops

10. Get it, you can do it.


One or two people to eat, but also good this mouth, this method is very convenient