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Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


1A Few
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
A few drops of wine Appropriate amount

I have fallen in love with a lace dress (turn sugar) of the practice steps

1. 5Chiffon Cake eggs just make a cake for Bobbi,150Degree fire,55-60Minutes (only reference, the temperature of their own under the regulation of the oven)

2. Released the buckle, until the cold, the release of the mold can be easily when the mold release Oh!

3. Will be prepared by the Italian cream cream evenly coated on the cake embryo, put the refrigerator to harden.

4. Apply appropriate amount of lace cream evenly onto the lace silicone mold, gently clean with a knife, put in a cool place to dry.

5. Take proper amount of dry white Perth, flatten. Prepare a black model for the mold.

6. White dry wear a good upper body skirt, connected to the cake embryo

7. Would be cool to do lace gently from the mold pulled out, according to the model, the size of clothes cutting out, gently in models clothes brush on a thin layer of water, lace paste

8. Make a small golden small bead necklace decoration, decoration, pruning, completion

9. Behind the figure (love to toss in the back of the more you can add a bow oh)


Lace lace lace material is cream, mix. Prepare a lace silicone mold