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hot cook recipe
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Suanla Fen approach

1.The amount of sweet potato vermicelli, with blisters on the soft;Wash the rape.

2.Fried material:Heat wok, pour a little oil, cold oil into the peanuts, stir a small fire.

3.After the peanut skin color to turn off the fire, with the remaining heat to continue to stir fry until the peanut red light.

4.Dry soybeans in advance of the bubble, the filter to excess water, small fire fried crisp.

5.Red oil production:Take a small bowl, add chili powder and white sesame.

6.Another pot wok with some edible oil, hot oil poured on the pepper and sesame.

Hot and Sour Rice NoodlesKu.jpg

7.Cook coal powder&Dish: add the right amount of cold water, boil the sweet potato powder, cook into no hard core, soft and ductile state.

8.Fast rape powder into the pot boiled water pot.

9.Remove the sweet potato powder and rape in supercooled water reserve bowl.

10.Seasoning: take a bowl, add salt, pepper, chili powder, a little amount of soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence.

11.Pour two tablespoon soup, two teaspoon of Red oil(Adjust according to personal taste).

12.Sweet potato powder into, vegetables, peanuts, soybeans into the code, a little hot pickled mustard tuber, coriander and shallot grains.

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