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Homemade dumplings-Pork practice steps

1. 1, yeast powder with warm water to open and then stir over two minutes into the flour, the novice can be a little bit less

2. 2Smooth, to be smooth and smooth surface can be fermented, the fermentation to two times, the place of high temperature, about one or two hours

3. 3I'm using the rice cooker to cook, it's covered with cloth or plastic wrap to wait for two times

4. 4, meat my chop, add some seasoning, according to their favorite taste can be, ordinary into a direction of soy sauce, salt, MSG, sesame oil, onions and other mixed into a sticky paste can be

5. 5After the package is good20The minute starts to evaporate, and the same20Minutes stew a few minutes can.

6. 6You laugh, boil, spray the steamed buns baked


Fermentation to accelerate the speed of the oven can not be the case of the rice cooker heat preservation