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吐司 烤箱食谱 下午茶
Mother's love, Hokkaido toast, always urging me to do, a do a time-consuming and eating, so I'll disposable roast two. Before a few times don't have a good command of a roast two of the furnace, is not always to the color, white, although the taste is also very good, looks as though it is not particularly good-looking, after several times of practice, finally mastered the my oven a baking temperature and time of two toast. Now...(Open)
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


The following materials are two amount of toast 500g
90g 65g
145g 40g
18g 4.5g
The two is the amount of toast 36g
70g 38g
6g 2g

The practice steps Hokkaido toast super soft

1. The first is a collection of materials.

2. Will be in accordance with the material in the wet material in the next, then is the order of sugar, flour and yeast, the material into the bread barrel.

3. Use chopsticks to stir up all the ingredients, so as to avoid the bread machine and flour.

4. Add bread machine, open, and face program.

5. And surface finish, will be in the pot, cover with plastic wrap, placed in the refrigerator freezer17About an hour or so. Take out the dough.

6. Will be torn in pieces, add the main dough material (butter), and then add the bread machine to open and surface procedures.

7. And face20In about two minutes, add butter and then open another and face program to continue to rub. Knead well, put in a pot, cover the fresh film, a hair. Now it's hot, probably.50About a minute or so, it's about an hour or so.

8. Good fermentation, a hole in the middle of the finger stick flour, the dough does not collapse, poke the hole does not shrink back, said the fermentation is complete, look, full of a bowl of noodles.

9. Take out the dough and remove the gas from the dough.6Aliquots, round, static relaxation15Minutes or so.

10. Take out a dough, with a rolling pin roll into a cow tongue, then from top to bottom.

11. In order to roll up the dough again, take out a dough, and then engage in cattle ligulate, rolled it up, then turn into the box. (I use three golden nonstick toast box)

12. Put it into a bowl of warm water in the oven, then put into the oven toast box two. Open fermentation process40Minute or so, the bread germ is sent to9Distribution (not cover the lid8Distribution can be. The picture is two of the bread.

13. Fermentation is complete, remove the water, remove the toast box, cover the lid, preheat the oven190Degree, and then into the toast box, placed in the oven from the bottom up to number second in the lower layer, which is baked40Minutes. Ten minutes ago190Degrees, thirty minutes later, l200Degree. (my oven temperature is low, we must adjust the temperature according to their own oven. (figure is I used to bake a toast of pictures, baked today two toast forgot to take photos in the oven in the and so on the original)

14. Baked toast, Is it right? Very beautiful?

15. Very fragrant!