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hot cook recipe
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Hot Dishes
Had several flavors including roast chicken, spicy, sweet and sour flavor, taste and flavor. This sauce barbecue sauce marinated chicken, baked in the oven exudation rich fragrance, really tempted taste buds, like meat friends, it is estimated that very difficult to reject its delicious~


  • Chicken leg2A

  • Barbecue sauce80G


  • Salt

  • Edible oil

    A few
  • Honey

    1Soup spoon

Grilled chicken practices


Wash chicken, both sides cut a convenient crossing, pickled tasty, and can shorten the baking time, prepare barbecue sauce


Chicken dish, add a little salt onto the surface of chicken legs, then pour into the barbecue sauce mix, pickled1About an hour or so


Pan covered with foil, foil smear a little edible oil, chicken even roast sauce fell on top of the foil, into the middle of the oven.210Degrees.20Minute


Remove the chicken, coated with a layer of honey water, then bake5Minute~

Cooking skills

Wash chicken on the surface after knife easy tasty, shorten the time when baking. The last five minutes with a honey color Ze beautiful, taste delicious~
Oven baked meat is best covered with aluminum foil and cleaning is easy, otherwise gravy is stuck on the baking sheet, cleaning more trouble.