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蛋糕卷 烤箱食谱 下午茶
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute


55g 4Only
80g 50g
50g 4Only

Green tea cream roll action steps

1. Because I am red milk with milk powder, so will the green tea powder into the milk together stir until no see green tea particles

2. Egg yolk.(Don't need to send)Join in20gSugar, beat the egg with the hand to beat the sugar to melt

3. Add corn oil and stir until smooth.

4. Pour the milk tea mixture, stirring evenly, has been used for manual mixer is good

5. At this point you can start to preheat the oven,180C

6. Protein using no oil in dry containers protein were sent, and beat on low speed to the gas bubble, adding the remaining sugar one-third of, continue to sent to bubble thinner add half the sugar and begin to see lines join the remaining sugar, pull electric eggbeater, protein hook can be cake roll only need to pass the protein to the eighth

7. Take three minutes to a protein cream tea with egg yolk paste cut mix style stir, don't be afraid of defoaming

8. Stir well the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein cream, with the method of cutting the mix evenly, do not see the protein particles on the line, do not stir the fruit to cause a stir

9. From a height to paste stir well into the oil pan shop, from a height is in order to defoaming, then with a scraper to four corners and smooth surface, knocking at the bottom of the plate dissipation bullae

10. Into the oven,15-20Minutes, baked