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Green Pepper Fried eggs is a deft appetizing dish, very suitable for busy office workers and white kitchen, no complicated production steps, without a large variety of ingredients, only the most basic oil, salt, 10 minutes can fix a delicious meals.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


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Appropriate amount Few
Appropriate amount

Fried egg peppers practice steps

1. Large group photo

2. Wash peppers seeded cut or shredded Circlet

3. Add a little salt and white wine into the bowl.50G) the cold boiled water, stir

4. Hot pan with oil transfer a small fire into the egg, the egg fried diced Sheng slightly solidification

5. A little oil into the pot, sprinkle a little salt into the green pepper, stir fry till

6. Pour the egg out of the pot and stir fry evenly tasty


To choose the tender green pepper, spicy and tasty and not easy without slag.