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Chef, what would you like today?
Receipt of beef powder, must do the cake of Xiangxiang oh. I just bought oil press the a lot of peanut, created a: peanut residue, potato and carrot cake made when to eat breakfast, the taste is really very sweet, the whole family are full of praise!


Half a Appropriate amount
1A large spoon


Appropriate amount 2A large spoon
Appropriate amount 3A large spoon

Great red letter big beef powder trial:The practice steps of Frying Potato Cake

1. Peeled potatoes (two people eat, I only use half the potatoes).

2. Potatoes rub into broken wire.

3. Carrot wash, rub silk.

4. Plus2A large scoop of peanut residue (oil, oil, and the slag produced by the peanut oil).

5. Join3Starch and flour.

6. Beef powder.

7. Add some salt, stir well into a group.

8. The pot hot oil, grab the amount of dough, press flat. After the oil is hot, add the dough to a small slow fire.

9. Put the mold, can be made into a heart.

10. One side of fried cooked, turn over to fry the other side until golden brown on both sides.

11. Delicious!


Fried time first with a small fire, mature after the fire, so that the surface is crisp, soft inside.