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午餐 朋友聚餐 一家三口
Celebrate the new year, before the spring festival food so you are kind, this year I want to do some new dishes, so in beans, fruit search search and decided to do this dish, my approach is relatively simple, because my purpose is how simple how to, ha ha
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


10Only 1Head
1Small Some

The practice steps of garlic and shrimp

1. First boil fans, soft boiled off fire soak, until the fans cooked, remove the cut a few knife to avoid too long clip, I put fans is because I like to eat vegetables at the bottom of the fans is purely personal preferences^_^

2. Production of garlic, grilled garlic mince, pot into olive oil, stir fry, add a pinch of salt until discoloration stir flavor, Sheng into the bowl, add a little oyster sauce and mix well

3. Clean the prawns, shrimp minus the gun, pick out the shrimp behind the black line, cut the shrimp back alternate with scissors

4. Start at the bottom disc, fans, fans flat on the open side of the garlic shrimp, and the shrimp body to code

5. Steaming tray8Minutes, turn off the heat, sprinkle chive, sit oil pot, pour over the steamed fish soy sauce, boil, turn off the heat and then cooked in soy sauce poured in the shrimp body, the garlic shrimp on the well^_^