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Chef, what would you like today?
Make a lazy. Good milk to explore the waist to catch food, do not want to move ah do not want to move. In the twinkling of an eye, see the rest of the cooking water fungus. This is very close, it's up to you. Has played a soybean milk machine version of the fungus red jujube soup, this time to put the fungus into the milk, do not know what will be a feeling?
Fungus nutrition comprehensive, high nutritional value, especially with high iron content. The flat taste, with nourishing yin and tonifying stomach bleeding, Runzao effect. Proof of modern medicine, black fungus nourishing skin, black beauty jiapin.
Fungus rich in gum, made of soy milk has a sticky slippery taste, the amount is not much, there is no special taste. It feels pretty good.


  • Fungus(Water)20G

  • Soybean65G


  • Water


Edible fungus soybean milk


Ingredients: water fungus20Gram, soybean65G, water1000Milliliter


Soybeans soaked in water to wash and drain, flood, wash water fungus


Torn to pieces, put together with soybean Soybean Milk machine. Into the water, the water is not less than the lowest water level


Good head, full nutritional function, to the end of the beating, out drinking

Cooking skills

Fungus as far as possible to shred, in order to smash without leaving block. Edible fungus dosage is not too much, in order to prevent sticky paste pipe. To fight the good milk even slag drinking, nutrition is more comprehensive.