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翻糖蛋糕 下午茶
For her daughter5Birthday party, very early on to plan. The snow romance theme, in Asia sea Amoy a small doll, bought over fillmass. First do turn sugar cake, afraid too sweet, roll very thin, but after eating is very sweet, seems to stir the sugar can is do modeling occasional use.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


1A 250g
Appropriate amount 100g

The practice steps of frozen sugar cake

1. Prepare a Chiffon Cake. I do8Cocoa flavor.

2. The cake layer, wipe off the cream, spread the fruit. Because behinddeSugar roll is very thin, so the cake layer after the sugar packet can see a layer of skin, not too beautiful. But in order to eat, or so, after all, is their own home to eat.

3. A bag over fillmass500g, with a very small part, waste ah...

4. A drop of blue pigment, color just fine.

5. Will roll out the sugar bag on the cake.

6. Snow white sugar mould of snow, snow carved, mold and sugar sprinkled sugar nonstick.

7. The sugar will stick in the snow and dolls on the cake, be accomplished!