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Chef, what would you like today?
Every time I go to eat Thailand cuisine would point this egg fried Curry Shrimps, delicious meal. Try to do it yourself, just as well. The first time in the bean fruit upload recipes, while taking pictures of the edge of the food to take good trouble... Thanks to everyone who is eager to share!
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute


6Only 1A
1A 1Bag
1Bottle 1A
Few 1Bag

The practice steps of egg fried prawn

1. Prepare ingredients, wash. Cut off the head of the shrimp, shrimp, etc. shall be pointed tentacles, cut the shrimp back to black.

2. Red pepper, onion cut. Don't cut too fine. Oh, no taste.

3. Hot pot, put oil first fried shrimp, fried red, fried shrimp to shrimp sheng.

4. Small shrimp sauce fried exergy curry sauce, stir fry a minute non-stop.

5. Pour milk, coconut milk, coconut water, then pour a little. The fire to make it "."

6. The shrimp, red peppers, onions and pour into the pan and cook for a while, some soft taste likes to cook for a while, like brittle a little less and cook for a while. How long is it right? By doing it. To put some sugar, salt, curry sauce taste is enough, don't put it.

7. The pot and break an egg, after breaking up into the same amount of water or coconut milk or coconut water etc..

8. The shrimp and a part of the food filled out (or scrambled eggs fried not open), pour into the just dozen eggs for water, small fire stirring continuously the eggs slip loose, let it solidified into a small son.

9. Fried eggs and then fried shrimp and vegetables into the pot, then pour it into the pot. Soon a bowl of rice, Curry Shrimps bibimbap is so good!


The variety of shrimp, coconut milk is not also no relationship, curry best to sell such a ready-made curry sauce, which has been included in the variety of spices.