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米粉 午餐
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


100g Few

Fried rice practice steps

1. Rice noodles I use is home to bring Magu Rice noodles! Special love home Fried rice noodles out of work, a lot of classmates and friends, or to think constantly of home Fried rice noodles!
1Rice, rice, water boiling, boiling water, cook for a minute or so off the fire, with a stuffy for a while, in the process of boring, hand pinch, see if it is soft! Soft it out with tap water, drain water!

2, pot put the oil, vegetables, bean sprouts, meat fried and drain water of the rice, stir fry, pour soy sauce, salt, then stir fry decentralization of chicken, stir fry pot, like to eat hot peppers can put pepper!

On the table, a large market, I can eat a person!