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Peach bamboo bamboo small bamboo shoots in our hometown for pickled bamboo shoots, fresh or fried. Bamboo shoots, winter bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots, winter bamboo shoots is generally add fresh pork and marinate the wind stir fried meat, bamboo shoots, because it is the spring rain foot length are relatively thick natural taste not winter bamboo shoots. In his hometown, spring bamboo shoots slice plus dried cabbage core (cabbage old long out of the pole) and bacon...(Open)
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute


The practice steps carrot fry meat

1. Dried bamboo shoots first hot water swelling, clean cuts or drain backup. Heat oil in wok sliced pork Chaodao broken white into the dried bamboo shoots, big hot fried into garlic chopped pepper or chilli powder and stir fry until fragrant, too dry, add water washed again with fossa about, chicken, soy sauce, and salt, clean wok.

2. Bacon version, is also very simple, bacon and bamboo shoots Tongzhu, the water poured out, fry dry water broke oil after amplification, garlic and hot pepper saute, too dry, add water washed, salt and chicken sauce dish. This is the home of the classic practice. Fries in the outside a restaurant in a hurry because it is cut thin slices of meat (ah, bulk also reluctant) frying irritably, only speculation, not cooked. Although fragrant but some hard. This is my big meat Tongzhu, cooked again stir the fire is the same. (home of his pigs made of bacon, is large, is so capricious)