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Chef, what would you like today?
Fried bacon, spicy and catchy, with an especially Plain white rice, absolute! Have a chowhound!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


150g Four
150g 2g

The practice steps of bacon.

1. To set up this bacon cut, so the hard skin bacon can also easily cut down.

2. Bacon slices, red pepper cut, garlic cut into sections.

3. Pot filling the dried pepper stir incense, into the stir fry bacon.

4. Fry the fat becomes transparent, the garlic to fry.

5. Continue to stir fry two minutes, add a little salt(Bacon is salty, add a little salt to make tasty garlic), a little chicken, pan. With a bowl of Steamed Rice, super rice!


1,To put less oil, because oil is a lot of bacon itself.2,The whole process of frying does not need to add water, water will affect the taste.