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Chef, what would you like today?
午餐 一家三口
I like to eat a small dish. So love to do. Also easy to do.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


250g 150g
5Block 2Root
Few Appropriate amount
Few Few
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

Fried Cauliflower practice steps

1. Wash cauliflower tear small, small fire Fried Cauliflower in the water will stir out, spare.

2. Meat slices, add salt, ginger starch, salt, onion, ginger, starch, and so on. Standby.

3. Garlic wash cut section. Tofu slices. Standby.

4. The hot pot of cold oil into the pork stir fry.

5. Add dried dish, add soy sauce, oyster sauce. Add the garlic to the pot.

6. Loading plate.