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Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above


100g 20g
2g 8g
2g 80ml


100g 50g
20g 5g
2Spoon 3g
20g 2Root
20g 20g

Practice steps of fresh shrimp pumpkin sauce

1. Practice of cake skin:
Put yeast powder in a bowl, pour in milk, soak2Minutes, stir, yeast solution poured into the pot, add sugar and salt.

2. Pour the flour, stir well, static10Minutes or so.

3. Pour in the olive oil and slowly rub the dough into the dough.

4. Put the dough in a bowl, cover the film, and ferment1About an hour or so.

5. Dough to be fermented2Times greater, take out the exhaust, and re rub the circle.

6. Roll into a circle of slightly larger than pizza pan cake skin, covered with plastic wrap, placed in the refrigerator1Shape of an hour or so.

7. The practice of sauces:
Pumpkin peeled and cut.

8. Tomato peeled and Cetin.

9. Onions washed, Cetin, pan, add onion and stir until soft.

10. Pumpkin and tomato.

11. Stir until sticky, pour into geraniol, cold boiling water, fire boil, turn a small fire.

12. Cook until the pumpkin is soft and add the tomato sauce.

13. Add a little black pepper.

14. Add a little dry herbs.

15. Stir fry evenly.

16. CProduction of pizza:
Bacon cut into small pieces.

17. Crab bar.

18. Wash shrimp, go to black, head, skin (left tail skin), shrimp gash.

19. .Massurius La cheese plane into filaments.

20. Put a little olive oil in the pan, and wipe it.

21. Remove the crust and put it into the pizza tray, and use a fork to tie a small hole.

22. Into the pumpkin sauce, spread evenly with a spoon.

23. Take1/3Cheese sub uniform.

24. Spread Bacon.

25. The shrimp tail up, even on pizza.

26. Sprinkle with corn kernels and crab sticks.200Degree preheating, roast15Minutes.

27. Remove the shredded cheese, and sprinkle with remaining, dotted with green and red peppers, then put in the oven5Minute.


1Room temperature32Degree or room temperature fermentation1Around the hour, such as room temperature is low, appropriate to extend the fermentation time.
2The dough is soft, put in the refrigerator can help set the shape.
3First onion. Stir the fragrance, the aroma will fully baked out.
4Fried pumpkin sauce do not need to put the oil, will be all the ingredients to stir fry.
5No Massurius La, with ordinary cheese slices, but no wire drawing effect.