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Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute


500g 20g
Dice Appropriate amount
5g Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

The practice steps of fish Dried tofu halogen

1. Tofu cut into the thickness of a centimeter around the oblique triangular block

2. Oil frying pot to two coke yellow

3. Fried tofu oil into the dish after the code

4. Heat oil in wok, fresh pepper, cinnamon, watercress anise stir fried flavor

5. Join1500mLWater into the tofu fire boil

6. Fish soup Luzhu tofu for about twenty minutes until the soup into the chopped garlic

7. Tofu code into the dish salty sauce, sprinkle chives


Good fried tofu stew into fish soup in about twenty minutes.