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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
My eggs, pie filling, zero failure, like people quickly learn it, great breakfast, eating or brush volume sauce lettuce are good.


200g Appropriate amount
Few 2A
120g Appropriate amount

Practice steps of egg filling

1. Add a little salt and flour, with warm water and a soft dough, cover with plastic wrap and neutralizing ten minutes.

2. Divided into three large dough and three small dough.

3. Take a big dough, roll into a bun skin; take a little dough, the body with oil, put away.

4. Bun shaped bun.

5. Shut down again, roll out, arbitrary thickness (of course not too thick).

6. Beat the egg, add some salt and chopped green onion mix.

7. Pan put a little oil, began to Flapjack. If the cake roll thin, so soon as bullae, when put to use chopsticks to open the bubble into the egg, irrigation.

8. If the cake out of the bottom surface to be slightly thick, slightly fixed after the turnover, in order to cake a bulla.

9. Two little baking cake, has summoned the success of layered bullae. Turn over again.

10. Use chopsticks to prick a small mouth, into the egg, a small fire burned.

11. Flipping through5-10Second, the egg to complete solidification can shut the fire.

12. Finished drawing.