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hot cook recipe
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Cake bottom 375
150 90
9 75
Cheese cake bottom 125
50 30
3 25
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount 45

Double layer light cheese cake practice steps

1. Cream cheese to add milk to the water heating and melting, stirring to no particles, then add the butter to melt and stir until no oil

2. Separate the egg whites from the egg yolk. Add the egg yolk to the cheese.

3. Sieve into the low gluten flour, stirring, egg white add sugar into three times, stirring to wet foam, both to lift the egg is a curved hook

4. To join the egg white into the cheese paste, pay attention to cut the trip or from the bottom to top stirring, so as not to defoaming, then stir to join the rest of the egg white, stir well, pour into the abrasive, two ways of the cake is the same, I will not repeat, add oven heating in a water bath, the first180Degree of the surface baked yellow, and then140Degree baking60Minutes, bake the cake can not shake well, don't worry you can use a toothpick inserted, have a look whether cooked, each oven has the difference

5. After baking, decorate the cake.