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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute


Two block Half a
Half a Appropriate amount
Few Two.
Few A spoon
Appropriate amount Few

The practice steps of it

1. This is my chosen lean meat,

2. Carrot, onion, coriander, ginger were cut into strips, reserve

3. Bacon, (a little salt, soy sauce Vinegar This is to put these in the meat will not taste or flavor)

4. Probably the way (the best).

5. Potato powder is probably the whole way,

6. Start (nine oil fried heat can not ripe because meat finally to skillet fried again)

7. About this way, (must be out after the oil control or it will be very oil)

8. You can remove all the skillet fried (remove aside oil)

9. Two tablespoons vinegar, soy sauce,

10. Sugar, Yan Shaoxu

11. The first cooking oil, to put less oil or will be very

12. Probably this way,

13. When the food is almost the same time to put a good tune.

14. Stir fry a few times can put into deep fried meat,

15. Finally, the appearance of the pot into the fire to heat up the fire over two under the pot

16. Come out like this,