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Pastry staple Beijing snack

Diced Steamed buns approach

1.Pork cut1Cm square diced meat, green onions cut into equal size pieces, ginger mince

Diced Steamed bunsyp.jpg

2. Add sauce, salt, pepper, cooking wine, peanut oil and sesame oil, diced meat, stir marinated for half an hour

Diced Steamed bunsRa.jpg

3. Yeast with warm water to dissolve. Then repeatedly into the flour, adding water while kneading until bunched up into a smooth dough ball, put a warm place fermentation1Hours. Send out knead the dough, pulling into small pieces

Diced Steamed bunsUz.jpg

4.Marinated meat stuffing mix with onion, stir, into the diced meat stuffing

Diced Steamed bunsLL.jpg

5. The surface agent son by flat roll into round skin, packets into the diced meat stuffing, pinch pleated cuff into a bun, and then steamed stuffed bun smooth down into the mould pressing knock out of the flower shaped, proofing10Minutes later, the cold water on the steamer steam for about15Minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for5Minute

Diced Steamed bunsHr.jpg

6.Steamed stuffed bun, a little cool, press on the red mark

Diced Steamed bunsXc.jpg

Diced Steamed bunsIA.jpg

Diced Steamed bunsgD.jpg

Diced Steamed bunsvF.jpg

Cooking skills

1, pork to choose a good point of fat meat, fat and lean meat in the proportion of3:7.

2Must use the sauce, diced meat and spices marinated for a period of time in advance, so make the Steamed buns to flavor.

3, traditional diced steamed bread, meat, I think that is too tired, add the diced onion half, onion salt mix will be out of the water, so steamed bread stuffing in the package before stirring is better.

4Skin, to roll better than buns thicker, stuffing do not put too much, otherwise easy to shrink and collapse at the end.

5A little, a fermentation, will be steamed, cold water into the pot,15Minutes, turn off the heat and then stew5Minutes.

Features of dishes

         Diced Steamed buns is the old Beijing famous traditional snacks, has a long history, spread for hundreds of years. Is the old Manchu people in every Spring Festival must eat food, the twelfth lunar month has been doing a good job of bread placed in jars sealed and placed outdoors, with the food as taken. Diced Pork sauce, delicious smell of fat Steamed buns, loved by the people. Do steamed bread with a special mold pressing, after the steam is good and red stamp top, finished beautiful, with a strong festive characteristics.