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A strong combination of taste. Good to stop after cold storage .
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


280g 200g


60g 6g

Depp's oven recipe - a step in the process of the cream cheese pudding

1. Raw materials in this!

2. To soften the cream cheese, add the fine sugar to the delicate cream;

3. Add the lemon juice and stir;

4. Milk, light cream heating, slowly into the cheese paste, stirring evenly;

5. Add eggs and stir gently;

6. The pudding liquid is well mixed, sieving to the measuring cup; poured into the mold, over about eight minutes;

7. Will Depp baking oven to file150The degree of roasting, water bath35Minute,

8. After baking, cold storage2hTaste best.

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