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饺子 午餐
The Qingming Festival is the time with dandelion, dandelion qingyanjiedu anti-inflammatory effect. We eat dumplings in spring as a way of keeping good health!
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute


250g A pound
Two trees Amount (according to their own tastes)
Appropriate amount Two grams
30g Appropriate amount

The practice steps of dandelion meat Boiled dumplings

1. Put the minced pork and scallion, adding soy sauce, salt, chicken, thirteen spices, edible oil. Clockwise beat up! It shows the amount of salt smell smell. To copy the dandelion and squeeze the water after two chop knife to adjust the good pork stuffing in. Open bag!

2. Be accomplished, okay


After cleaning the dandelion with hot water. When the water is open, it will be released in a few seconds, and the water will be held. Because the filling is raw meat, I usually take a way to ask the taste, flavor means you put salt.