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6Slice 5Milliliter
1Milliliter Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

Practice steps cucumber cup fungus

1. Cucumber wash cross section;

2. Draw three cucumber section of light knife in cross section (see an average of six copies);

3. Cucumber flesh with a spoon to dig out;

4. In the period between the cucumber vertical surface scratches and scratches with knife painting leaves shape, draw six leaves in turn;

5. The upper part of the leaf and the leaf is cut with a knife, in turn;

6. Then before the leaves and the leaves under section along the leaf child cut off some cucumber skin;

7. Cut down the cucumber cut Ding, cut6Sliced carrot slices;

8. The carrot slices cut out to form the flower, and the rest is small;

9. Fungus in advance, good, cut small ding;

10. A pot of boiling water, oil and salt, cucumber and carrot flowers under the pot boiled;

11. Preheat wok, oil, saute garlic, put cucumber fungus carrots down,5Ml with oyster sauce10Ml of water poured into the mixture and stir fry, put the chicken out of the pan(In order to blast fungus is not under the pot, oyster sauce to hurry.);

12. Cucumber cup in a bowl, then spoon spoon into a cup fungus west;

13. It's all right.


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