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蛋糕卷 烤箱食谱 下午茶
Just beginning to learn to do cake roll when want to buy silicone pad with the pattern, and later by a video inspired and think there is any to the pattern painted on the cake, painting their own good, not draw on the print and pad in oil paper below, like small time painted as is not on the list[Bared teeth]And save money and can play a creative[Cheerful]Today evening drew a small cat, big, roll up...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


3A 15g(Jia Danhuang)
30g(add protein) 40g(Jia Danhuang)
45g(Jia Danhuang) 55g(Jia Danhuang)
3g 3Drop

The creative practice of drawing small kitten cake roll steps

1. Choose a simple pattern, free paper down, not too will draw a friend can also print

2. Egg yolk and egg white, egg yolk15gSugar,40gOil, milk45gLow powder55gMixing evenly, can be used to beat egg mixer

3. Use a small bowl out a small spoon batter, add the cocoa powder and mix thoroughly

4. Add a few drops of vinegar egg white, three plus30gSugar to pass, protein paste to close to the dry, not easy to flow

5. Take cocoa batter about two times the protein paste stir together, put into the pastry bag

6. The picture in the paper pad below, and began to draw.

7. After a good painting, the paper carefully picked up into the cake pan

8. Oven170Warm up, put in a good picture of the cake paste, middle roast for a minute20Immediately take out

9. To the rest of the protein paste poured into egg yolk paste and stir with cross, with a small spoon to scoop the batter to fill out into the void, such as cat eye, cat's paw to seam, and then forced vibration plate of cake, you can avoid baked pattern around a bubble, and finally the remaining all the batter into, continue to shock, shaking out the bubbles. (the piping bag in excess of cocoa batter can squeeze in the tray, then roll in sight)

10. The cake is in the oven, and my plate is small, not much,170Degree roast7In a minute. Hot buckle, peel off paper. Then the new paper roll up cake, roll before can be based on personal preferences with butter.

11. Refrigerate after setting cut,.

12. Patterns can be better.


1.The original use of the butter, the practice proved to be the same with corn oil, and there is little baby at home, without sugar, corn oil to do the cake baby can eat.2.Roast whole cake paste when should pay attention to the furnace, adjusted according to their own oven, not roasted too dry, or roll up will be split, not roasted, or color contrast of the pattern is not obvious.