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Chef, what would you like today?
For the picky girl do good is my greatest interest. The girl gave a nice name Sachima--Fried egg noodles
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute


150g 2A
1Little 1Small
A small

The practice steps of cranberry Sachima

1. First, the egg and the surface to add a small point to soak the powder, such a good taste.

2. Wake up and make up.40Minutes or so.

3. Will wake up to the front of the face, and cut the same section.

4. The oil fired into the noodles into the hot oil to fry the hot points.

5. This way, remember to put oil absorbing paper oh.

6. Now, the fire boil sugar water, put in a bowl of water into a big rock candy. Stir well. The bottom of the pot with a big bubble until thickened.

7. At this time to add fried noodles, syrup and stir well. This is also the time to add black sesame seeds, dried cranberries are sticky syrup.

8. To take advantage of the heat into the reservoir to a layer of compaction. So cool.

9. It's OK to take out the cold. Beautiful Oh

10. I hope you like the parents must try to do it, very delicious!