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午餐 朋友聚餐 一家三口
My family is very fond of shrimp, think this approach is very fresh, so we write to share.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


1Piece or2Tablets enough 2Spoon
Just a little bit. 1Sliced garlic

The practice steps of homemade shrimp

1. Wash shrimp Remove shrimp from the abdomen and back.

2. Cut onion

3. Cut ginger

4. Cut the garlic

5. Pan into the oil, oil heat put onion ginger, onion ginger fried the sugar.

6. Has put the shrimp to stir fry for a while, put a little bit of pure water to continue to stir fry, put a little salt in turn red.

7. Put garlic in front of the pan. Stir fry two pot

8. I wish you a good appetite.


Shrimp on the back with the stomach will have shrimp, shrimp wash time to play out.