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花卷 午餐
Have a child's family is to change the pattern, so that the child is also very happy to eat
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


1500g 4g
5g 5g
5g Appropriate amount
15ml 5g

The practice steps of color rolls

1. The warm water melting yeast, flour added to form a dough in a warm place fermentation

2. Flour proofing good, air force, divided into three homogeneous (I three colors, with a few color pieces)

3. Three kinds of materials for me~~Turmeric powder, yeast powder, tonka bean powder, people may think that turmeric powder smell, this can be ignored, steamed out of the flavor is very light, some just tonka bean powder taste

4. In the middle of the face to forget to take pictures, directly to the end of the bar! Rubbing surface were rolling into a thickness and the same cake, each layer into the middle of oil and salt, amount of I did not say, personal according to the situation to line

5. Pile of rolled up in the three layer cake, together with a knife, a cut, interval distance of about3-4Centimeters between, the size of free play, there is no restriction, after cutting with chopsticks in the middle pressure, on both sides with the hand to hold down together, you can

6. Well, cover the cage proofing cloth20Minutes, hot water pot, guys15Minutes after the fire boil for ten minutes, the fragrant color rolls out of the pot!


The flour is not made too hard, can be appropriate to some soft, the other with steamed bread almost