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面条 午餐
The noodles are very fresh.Q, put the eggs, the taste is very good
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


200g 2g
1Only 70g

Color noodles (spinach tomato beef noodle) approach steps

1. Spinach or carrot juice ready

2. The dough is made by hand.15Minutes, and then press the pressure surface machine from the beginning of a file, press4It's almost the same.

3. Spinach juice to come forward

4. Tomato juice do, not how red, with red Huluobu Zhi next time, will.

5. Come, sprinkle the powder, the best one by one from the

6. From the pan, stir fry beef, spinach, after the water is boiled into the noodles, careful observation, noodles soon becomes thick, looks very fresh way.

7. Put these five spice seasoning, pot pull


If the dough is properly dry, or notQAlso not good pressure.